Occupational health

Easy-to-use hearing screening solutions for occupational healthcare providers

Prolonged exposure to hazardous noise in the workplace can lead to noise-induced hearing loss. Screening is a crucial component in a hearing screening program. Otometrics offers a wide variety of advanced yet convenient hearing scanning solutions to give employers and occupational healthcare workers tools to monitor the hearing health of employees and a chance to act if a potential hearing loss is detected.

Bio-logic AuDX
Bio-logic AuDX® is a fast, easy-to-use and efficient OAE screener from Otometrics. It offers dual frequency OAE testing with an option to test both ears at the same time.
AudioConsole is an integrated software solution for the Oscilla product line that lets you combine testing and data management into one simple and efficient workflow:
Oscilla USB310 and USB330 product
The Oscilla USB330 screening audiometer is tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals working with hearing screening. A user-friendly and portable PC-based screening solution that will help you optimize your workflow and detect possible hearing loss in your patients. 
Oscilla USB350-B product
Combine hearing tests and patient data management in one simple workflow. With the USB350-B you can increase your patient throughput and devote more time to the individual patient with automated tests and a wide range data management tools. Benefit from:
Oscilla USB310 and USB330 product
The Oscilla USB310 is a  PC-based screening audiometer that will provide you with fast and reliable test results. An optimal solution for healthcare professionals who need a simple but powerful tool for hearing loss detection.
Madsen Xeta
The Madsen Xeta screening audiometer makes audiometry easy – whether you are in the clinic or the field. Lightweight and portable, the Madsen Xeta screening audiometer provides: