Oscilla USB350-SP

Oscilla USB350-SP product

The USB350-SP is a portable PC-based diagnostoc audiometer. The USB350-SP lets you combine hearing tests and patient data management in one simple workflow where you can perform pure tone and speech audiometry in your clinic or in the field. Benefit from:

  • Simple tests procedures – conduct automatic pure tone and speech tests or perform live voice testing
  • Customize automatic tests - customize   automatic tests according to your needs
  • Customize controls - Customize keyboard and mouse controls according to your preferences
  • Easy data management – create and edit patient profiles, save tests, review your patient’s historical data, generate custom PDF reports and export data to other patient management systems
  • Maximum portability – Test patients in your clinic or in the field. The USB350-SP is a plug & play solution that is powered by the USB-port of your PC

Integrated solution for diagnostic audiometry and patient data management

ICS Chartr 200

The Oscilla USB350-SP runs on Oscilla AudioConsole software. A simple but powerful tool that enables you to easily and conveniently control all parts of the test procedure from your PC. Obtain fast and reliable results. Share them with your patient. Save results, generate a PDF report or export the data to another patient management system. By automating your workflow, the Oscilla USB350-SP lets you spend less time on the actual test procedure and more time on your patient. 


Portable and lightweight – bring the test to the patient  

The USB350-SP is a smart solution for hearing care professionals working in the field. The audiometer is compact, lightweight and needs no other power source than the USB port of your laptop PC. Switch on your PC, launch AudioConsole and connect the USB350-SP and you are ready to work within minutes. The USB350-SP is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily transportation. 

Customize controls, profiles and reports to fit your needs

AudioConsole provides you with full flexibility and freedom to tailor everything from controls to patient profiles and PDF reports according to your needs.

  • Create patient profiles 
  • Create different operator profiles if share the audiometer with other people in your clinic
  • Customize keyboard and mouse controls according to your preferences
  • Create custom PDF templates with your signature, logo and relevant patient data