Oscilla USB310

Oscilla USB310 and USB330 product

The Oscilla USB310 is a  PC-based screening audiometer that will provide you with fast and reliable test results. An optimal solution for healthcare professionals who need a simple but powerful tool for hearing loss detection. Perform manual or automatic screening tests and handle your patient's test data  with your PC. 

  • Obtain quick and reliable test results with the automatic screening test
  • Manage test results in Oscilla AudioConsole and save time on paperwork
  • Dedicate more time to your patients

Automate your screening workflow and focus on your patient

Madsen Itera II

Performing hearing screening tests on many patients in a workday can be a challenge. The USB310 helps you accomplish this task by automating your entire workflow. The USB310 runs on Oscilla AudioConsole software, which is an integrated software solution for audiometry and data management. The automatic test option, the PDF generator and data export option lets your increase your throughput and allows you to focus on the individual patients at the same time. AudioConsole software is easy to use and will easily fit into your existing routines and workflows.  


Lightweight and portable - ideal for field testing

As a healthcare professional working with hearing screening, you will often have to bring the test to the patient. Screening sessions may take place in schools, workplaces or other places in the field. The Oscilla USB310 is designed with this purpose in mind. The audiometer is compact and lightweight, needs no other power source than your laptop PC and can withstand the wear and tear of daily transportation. 

Optimize your workflow with efficient data management

AudioConsole lets you handle your test results easily and efficiently:

  • Create patient profiles and store test data with your patient's personal profile. This makes it easy to review and compare your patient's over time
  • Create group audiograms for a general overview of the hearing health within, for example, a school or group of employees
  • Export your data to other patient management systems
  • Generate customized reports with your logo and signature