Oscilla T830


The Oscilla T830 is a basic screening tympanometer that provides you with a quick overview of your patient’s middle ear condition. An ideal solution for hearing professionals who need a simple and user-friendly tympanometer for screening in the clinic or field testing. 

The ideal solution for basic screening tympanometry

ICS Chartr 200

Spend less time on the test procedure and more time on your patient. With the T830, you will get a user-friendly solution that will easily fit into your routines and workflows. Benefit from:

  • Quick test procedures that provide you with tympanograms and ipsilateral test results in less than one minute per ear
  • Large color screen that lets you watch test results update in real time and share them with your patient 
  • Integrated probe cavity calibration tool with on-screen guidance for daily probe calibration and accurate results

Compact and robust design for use in any location

The Oscilla T830 is a smart solution for the clinic or on the go. With its solid aluminum casing and resilient probe cable, it is lightweight, compact and robust – ready to withstand daily use and transportation.

Full flexibility in operation

Connect your T830 to your PC and use it with Oscilla AudioConsole software for PC-based testing and data management. Watch tympanograms update in real time on your PC-screen and manage your patient and test data efficiently with Oscilla AudioConsole software.


Please note, AudioConsole is an optional accessory for the Oscilla T840 and must be purchased separately.