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Madsen Astera 2
Madsen Astera2 is an advanced 2-channel clinical audiometer that delivers precision, flexibility and efficiency.
Aurical Aud
Aurical Aud is a dedicated fitting audiometer developed specifically for hearing instrument fitting. It weighs just 655 grams (23 ounces) – but don’t be fooled by its small size!
Madsen Zodiac
New Madsen® Zodiac is an advanced tympanometer from Otometrics that gives you an easier way to a reliable seal.
Madsen Itera II
Madsen Itera II sets a high standard in audiometric performance, simplicity and design. Compact, reliable and versatile, it is the ideal diagnostic audiometer for air, bone and speech audiometry featuring:
Madsen Xeta
The Madsen Xeta screening audiometer makes audiometry easy – whether you are in the clinic or the field. Lightweight and portable, the Madsen Xeta screening audiometer provides:
Otometrics Madsen A450
The Otometrics® Madsen A450 PC-based audiometer has just what you need to perform efficient hearing assessments and client counseling. Versatile and simple-to-use, it is ideal for busy clinicians looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage.
ICS Chartr EP 200
For hearing care professionals who require excellent patient care and an efficient objective assessment process, the ICS Chartr EP 200 is an auditory evoked potentials solution that incorporates a comprehensive, scalable test battery in a simple to use software.
Madsen Capella 2
Madsen Capella² is a powerful Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) system designed to deliver accurate and objective analysis of cochlear function for all ages. Intuitive and easy to use, Madsen Capella² provides dynamic features for OAE testing in a modern workflow, including:
Bio-logic AuDX PRO
Bio-logic® AuDX® PRO is a modular, handheld diagnostic OAE device from Otometrics designed to suit your needs and enhance your diagnostic tool box.
Bio-logic AuDX PRO FLEX
Bio-logic® AuDX PRO FLEX® is a flexible table top device from Otometrics offering screening or diagnostic acoustic immittance. Modular test options allows you to add OAE and/or audiometry—resulting in multiple tests in one single device. 
Bio-logic NAV Pro ONE
Legendary reliability in a handheld device Bio-logic® NavPRO ONE® is a flexible and compact Auditory Evoked Potential (AEP) system providing results you can trust. This one-channel AEP device is powerful—with similar capabilities to larger PC-based devices.
Oscilla T840 product
The Oscilla T840 is a screening tympanometer that provides you with a quick overview of your patient’s middle ear condition. An ideal solution for hearing professionals who need a user-friendly tympanometer for screening in the clinic or in for field testing. 
The Oscilla T830 is a basic screening tympanometer that provides you with a quick overview of your patient’s middle ear condition. An ideal solution for hearing professionals who need a simple and user-friendly tympanometer for screening in the clinic or field testing. 
Oscilla USB310 and USB330 product
The Oscilla USB330 screening audiometer is tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals working with hearing screening. A user-friendly and portable PC-based screening solution that will help you optimize your workflow and detect possible hearing loss in your patients. 
Oscilla USB350-B product
Combine hearing tests and patient data management in one simple workflow. With the USB350-B you can increase your patient throughput and devote more time to the individual patient with automated tests and a wide range data management tools. Benefit from:
Oscilla USB310 and USB330 product
The Oscilla USB310 is a  PC-based screening audiometer that will provide you with fast and reliable test results. An optimal solution for healthcare professionals who need a simple but powerful tool for hearing loss detection.
Zodiaz 901 product
Whether you are performing hearing screening or precise middle ear analyses, the Madsen Zodiac 901 tabletop tympanometer is a reliable choice for your clinic. Robust and easy to use, Madsen Zodiac 901 is a complete tympanometer that can perform all relevant tests and deliver: