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Aurical hearing aid fitting system
Aurical is a complete, modular hearing aid fitting system. Aurical supports the entire hearing aid fitting process. Try a flexible fitting system that:
Aurical FreeFit
When programing a new hearing aid, you need to be sure that the hearing aid fits their ear and their hearing loss.
Otoscan® is the future of hearing care counseling and transforms the way you provide hearing care. Otoscan gives you powerful new ways to attract and engage new and returning patients as soon as they walk into your clinic.
Aurical Hit
Coupler based fitting (CBF) with Aurical HIT includes real ear to coupler difference (RECD) – both measured and predicted, enabling you to carry out pediatric and adult fitting efficiently.
Aurical Otocam
The Aurical Otocam 300 from Otometrics is a lightweight and easy to use video otoscope that gives you an efficient way to incorporate video otoscopy into your hearing care processes.
Hi-Pro 2
Hi-Pro 2 is a universal hardware interface designed to program all kinds of hearing instruments. Save time - The high-speed mode enables fitting modules to communicate with the hearing instrument faster than the Hi-Pro USB version.