International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) chooses GN Otometrics as Deaflympics partner

Copenhagen July 2013. ICSD introduces GN Otometrics as official partner to test top athletes at the Deaflympics, Sofia 26th July – 4th August 2013. The partnership was agreed by Otometrics CEO Soren Holst and ICSD Chief Executive Mark Cooper. Under this partnership, GN Otometrics will provide best in class testing equipment to assess the level of hearing loss amongst the competing international athletes across 16 different sports. The testing will be carried out by audiologists from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research in Southampton UK 

At this year’s Deaflympics in the capital city of Sofia in Bulgaria, GN Otometrics and the ICSD have agreed to partner up in a joint effort to ensure fair games for the 4000 competing athletes from over 90 countries worldwide. Being able to test highly accurately and efficiently is crucial in providing fair games for all athletes and officials.

ICSD Chief Executive Mark Cooper explains:

“Fair play for all is an absolute cornerstone in the Deaflympics. To ensure fair play, it is vital that we are able to prove the eligibility of our athletes and that means demonstrating their deafness. We are delighted to announce this partnership with GN Otometrics. With their products, we know we’ll have results we can rely on. “

GN Otometrics, a global provider within the hearing industry and in particular with diagnostic tools, will use their latest and newest technology at the games.

“It is an honour and a true pleasure to support the Sofia 2013 Deaflympics. I am highly confident that Otometrics' equipment and the UK audiology team will secure comfort and security for each and every competing athlete participating in testing. But overall, I am just happy to be part of this great event. I am impressed by the set-up, and will be looking forward to meeting Danish athletes running off with many gold medals!” ends a smiling Otometrics CEO Søren Holst from the Copenhagen Headquarters.

Close to 300 competing athletes will be tested prior to and during the Deaflympics in specially arranged areas suitable for audiological tests.