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Oscilla USB310 and USB330 product

USB310 & USB330

The USB310 and USB330 are PC-based screening audiometers. They are compact size and easy to operate.The audiometers are delivered with a handy carrying case, which means that they are easy to transport together with a laptop. The noise reducing headset also allows for screening tests in various locations, which makes these audiometers ideal for hearing professionals within, for example, school healthcare and occupational health, who need to conduct screenings in
different environments.

Easy operation and data management with Oscilla® AudioConsole

The audiometers are powered via the USB port of a laptop or desktop PC. Once the audiometers are connected to the PC and the Oscilla® AudioConsole software is launched, the operator will be ready to work. There are no long start-up or launch times just simple plug and play connection. AudioConsole makes it easy for the operator to conduct screenings and review test results in real time on the screen. Test results can be saved for future reference and comparison or exported to other patient journaling systems or customised PDF reports.