Company milestones

Otometrics' history dates back to the 1950's. Since then, we have been an innovative player in the hearing and balance diagnostics industry delivering many industry-firsts:

  • First electroacoustic “impedance bridge”
  • First commercially available EP instrument
  • First air caloric irrigator
  • First computer-compatible audiometer
  • First REM system
  • First computer-based system for electronystagmography (ENG)
  • First integrated fitting system with audiometry, REM and HIT
  • First cross-over clinical audiometer



 Key milestone in the history of Otometrics      


The Danish parliament rules that hearing examinations and hearing aids are free of charge.


Electronics engineer Poul Madsen leaves Bang & Olufsen to design and produce audiometers in Odense. 


Poul Madsen establishes Madsen Electronics. 


The world’s first impedance bridge becomes a reality – a forerunner to today's middle-ear analyzers. 


In Germany, G. Hortmann builds groundbreaking vestibular unit to record eye movements. 

  Danplex (formerly Kamplex/Amplex) founded; produces portable audiometers. 
1980's Electronics and microprocessors usher in a paradigm shift in audiology. 
  Boem and Simonson acquire ENG technology and found ICS Medical. 
  Madsen Electronics applies microprocessor-based technology to clinical audiometers.
1990's GND ReSound Corp. merge to form GN ReSound, the world's largest manufacturer of audiological equipment. 
  Madsen transfers first audiogram from audiometer to PC. 
2001 Madsen and Danplex integrate within the GN Group. Acquisition of Hortmann in Germany and ICS Medical in the USA. GN Otometrics founded on January 1, 2001. 
2017 Natus Medical, Incorporated acquires Otometrics from GN Group.